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Born and raised in Chicago, Andre Hatchett was a music lover from the start. Growing up in a household where all types of music was played, he began experimenting with doing pause- button edits on a cassette tape recorder in the 70′s. As a young teenager, he and his cassette recorder ventured out, at first DJing for his parents’ bowling league on Saturday nights. Andre played on that tape recorder until older brother Tony introduced him to a mixer and two turntables, and the rest became house music history.

Now known to many as “the legendary Andre Hatchett,” he has DJ’ed across Chicago and has worked with the country’s top DJs, including the late Ron Hardy and Grammy Award-winning DJ and producer Frankie Knuckles.  Andre joined The Chosen Few in 1982, following his brother Tony, who already was a member of the group. He remains one of the most beloved and popular DJs in Chicago and can be heard at various clubs and parties around the city.